As a member of Impact Hub, we are excited that you are choosing to take advantage of the Impact Hub Global Network. The Impact Hub Passport is a way to encourage members to stay connected when travelling.

How does Impact Hub Passport work?

All Impact Hub members with a coworking plan have 1 free day per month in another of the 73 Impact Hubs part of the network.

If you are a member of an Impact Hub based in Amsterdam, London King’s Cross, Prague, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Vienna, Zurich and you are planning to travel between these locations, you can:

  • take part in all events in all Impact Hubs as if you were members in the visiting Impact Hub.

  • have a drink/coffee in all Impact Hubs above

  • have meetings with local members


If you have a coworking plan you can use up to the 50% of your membership in the Impact Hubs listed above.


We want you feel at home in every Impact Hub you visit.

Fill out the Passport form to notify the visiting Impact Hub of your arrival. You will be contacted by a local host, who will provide you with the appropriate information and connections for your visit.